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Vivi Stamatatos   -   Kallona Productions



Vivi Stamatatos is a creative director and filmmaker.


She creates online video content, observational documentaries and moving image pieces for

performances and installations.


Her fine art background led her to create video projections merging with performance . She exhibited

her piece in Body Navigation Festival in St Petersburg, and her journey of redefining and challenging perceptions started then.


Her constant quest to tell stories, play with that fine line of reality and fiction led her to explore the observational documentary genre for many years. Using traditional as well as non linear editing storytelling, her commissions varied from documentaries exploring the legacy of charitie's work, the impact of  arts on people, how it is a catalyst for mental health recovery and people suffering from dementia. What she also aspires for is that human relation she creates with the people she films

and interviews, searching for trust and authentic responses.



In parallel, Vivi keeps exploring ways to create narratives letting the imagination and intuition lead. For this reason, she has been commissioned to collaborate with dancers and live artists to create moving image pieces for stage.


Technically, learning the Shake program has allowed her a greater colouring and image composing, however she still appreciates the manual craft of creating visual illusions.


Her strength lies in her versatility, she has the ability to work in any social and working environment, adapt very fast to what is required within the logistics of each project.


She also has a great network of other professionals she works with, often collaborates with  sound composers, sound recordists, performers and actors.


If you were to work and collaborate with creatives abroad, Vivi is also fluent in French, Greek and Spanish.


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