Community Projects/ Archive

Vivi Stamatatos   -   Kallona Productions

Moving Image short

inspired by the artist's work "Spyros Alamanos"

Screened @the animation/experimental festival of Corfu 2012


Commissioned short films for Liz Clarke Live Show


Performed at the Contemporary Art Center - Arnolfini - Bristol


Commissioned short animation for Liz Clarke Piece

Cannonballista ' Live Art/Performance

(Directed, Animated and Edited  by V. Stamatatos- drawings made by an A.Council)


Arnolfini Contemporary Art Center



"La Nuit des Brutas" - Performing night  

in Hommage to the film 'Daisies' - Vera Chytilova

meeting with "Las Brutas' alter ego.


Visuals merging with live performance

at the Cube Cinema

www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFhdE3an24E&feature=plcp www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8g2MVEqkYw brutas8 LIz

This film was made part of an essay for my MA Anthropology Dance. I was exploring what is important to be captured and kept as an archive. It's about the relationship between the dancer, the viewer and the environment, that moment where all 3 meet, and how this present time holds a valuable reality to dive into. Themes explore: The present time/ Dancer as agent of time/ Kinestetic Empathy/ How we organize our senses depending on culture and how we affiliate with the environment/ Sensual relations being social relations.Double click to insert body text here ...

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