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Vivi Stamatatos   -   Kallona Productions

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A documentary (30 min) filmed in Gambia in a remote village called Bakari Sambouya. The film explores  the impact of an independent charity that gathers funds in the UK. It captures  how the charity is perceived by the locals, how it has changed their lives. As well as raising questions of the sustainability of its work. The film also looks at how these 2 cultures collaborate together, and how it has allowed that charity to last for such long time compared to many others. Commissioned by Kamberg Trust.


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This short film follows the production of a vaudeville show. The particpatory project was for women living with or in recovering from mental health issues, but also open to all women. Commissioned by Drastic Productions


"Dare Devil Diva"


Drastic Productions - Bristol

Compendium of Super Heroes and Alter Egos -

Documentary Filmmaker



Liz Clarke & Company: 'RE:MAPPING'


Documentary Filmmaker in Residency

My brief is to film on an observational basis creative workshops for people suffering from dementia, their carers and people with mental heath issues or in recovery. From the stories and feelings unfolding, I then create and deliver short  creative docs. Arts Council Funded





In parallel, I also co-facilitate the workshops on how participants can use moving image for their creative

ideas for the final exhibition in each local library.

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"Women of all ages and backgrounds were invited to take part in a unique project working with international artists to create a very special publication. The Compendium of Super Heroes and Alter Egos is a collaborative process culminating in a graphic novel promoting positive images of women and mental health issues.  It became that and so much more…


Hosted by the Arnolfini and published by Tangent  - The Graphic  Novel combines  community engagement with the highest possible artistic outcome,  extremely important to DPdelighted to work with these partners and to receive funding from Arts Council England, Bristol City Council, Peoples Health Trust and others'

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Long Term Feature documentary.  A documentary that will spread over the years. Started in 2012, twice a year some footage is recorded in one same location, in a cafe, in the city centre of Corfou. At a stage of archiving at the moment, this film will always capture from that same point of view. It focuses on events, gatherings and that human cexchange in this micro world.  It is about what Spyros, the cafe owner, keeps observing and the stories he tells from this last 20 years. This place  is a place I visit since a very early age. A beautiuful space that portrays the times we live in. A documentary that each time involves intuitively into a new direction, as time does.

Pre - Production Ongoing Self- funded Documentary / Self- Funded

Still Ella www.communitychannel.org/video/3jEkUcz137E/ www.lizclarke.org/blog/remapping-vimeo-channel vimeo.com/168786880 www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293794-i9249-k6857819-Gambia_Insightful_Donations_TV_Documentary-Gambia.html